Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Tips for Not Tipping the Scales

Thus far, I've gained about 13 lbs and I'm 34 weeks along. At this point, I'm on track to keep my weight gain to around 20 lbs. (she says as she thoughtfully munches her cranberry nut muffin.....) I've purposely tried to keep my gain to a reasonable amount simply because I was already overweight before I began all this baby makin' business. June 21st this year, I will celebrate my 7th Smoke Free Year. Quitting the cigs was simply one of the hardest things I've ever done in my life and therefore, I don't regret the 20 lb weight gain from that. Actually, I've realized that weight has no bearing on my overall happiness because the past 2 years have been my heaviest AND my happiness. However, I would still like to lose that weight eventually and that's why I've tried not to overindulge with the food during my two pregnancies. After I had my son, I lost the 22 lbs I gained with him within 3 weeks and I do credit breastfeeding for that. I went on to lose another 8 lbs down the line - again, I credit breastfeeding and a more active lifestyle now that I stay home full-time.

This article has some useful suggestions for shedding post-pregnancy pounds. I'm not putting loads of pressure on myself to shed the weight as quickly as I did with my son - I will just try to eat responsibly and allow myself a few treats. However, I have given myself an end date for all the indulgences I've been allowing myself during this pregnancy.

September 1st - that's the end of innocence around these here parts. Whole Foods cinnamon rolls and Coca-Cola, you're on notice!

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