Thursday, May 24, 2007

Pump and Dump.

I am finally catching up on my DVR backlog and just watched a recent episode of "Notes from the Underbelly". I am not crazy about this show, but it's nice to have a light, silly sitcom on the roster. I'll admit, part of the fun is mentally poking fun at the crazy misinformation this show dispenses. The episode I watched was the one where the 3 gals are going to go out and party - it was the new mom, the pregnant mom and the single gal. The new mom is concerned about leaving her newborn and the pregnant gal says "oh, you can just pump and dump so you'll be fine." While I doubt new mothers everywhere are depending on this silly sitcom as a reliable source for breastfeeding information, the line only served to further the myth that you must pump and dump when you've been drinking. Sure, if you get so smashed that you can't breastfeed for half a day, you might want to pump and dump as not to interrupt your supply and to relieve any engorgement, but pumping and dumping doesn't rid your system of the alcohol more quickly. Of course, I think I loathe the "You can't drink AT ALL" myth even worse. I like a nice glass of wine (a light Oregon Pinot Noir, pleaseohplease) or a Boulevard Wheat Beer with a slice of lemon in it. I'll freely admit it and I think it's sad when folks are so hard lined about clamping down on it. (Don't get me started on how my doctor thinks Americans are puritanical when it comes to alcohol even during pregnancy and that realistically, a glass of wine enjoyed over dinner isn't going to harm the baby.)

Anyway, Kelly Mom, per usual, has some great information on consuming alcohol while breastfeeding. I remember just after I had given birth to my son, one of my hardcore La Leche League friends was adamant that I could enjoy my glass of wine. As she put it "breastfeeding doesn't need to be ridiculously restrictive on you." And she's right.

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