Monday, November 5, 2007

I Suspect There Has Been a Coverup

Yet again, a nursing mother has been harassed for not covering while breastfeeding.
Cheryl Cruz, who as of Friday was still on vacation in Florida, said she took her children, including her 10-month-old daughter, Kalli, to Universal on Wednesday when she was approached by an employee. "We were just in the park sitting down and I was breast-feeding Kalli, and a park employee came over and said to me I have to cover up or I will be escorted out of Universal Studios," Cruz said. Cruz said a group of security guards surrounded her and she felt scared, humiliated and belittled.

I think long-time readers will remember that I used to be an advocate of covering up. "Cover thyself", I used to preach. Then, I went on to give birth to my 2nd child and ultimately, my brain. Having a baby in July meant that half the time, I forgot to pack a light blanket whenever I left the house. And I also quickly realized that covering with a blanket IN JULY actually brought more attention to me. I also realized that even while whipping out my maternal goods to feed my baby, I was still more covered up than most of the pretty young things prancing around in bikini tops, tank tops and shortie short shorts.

Besides, what kind of freak covers up with a blanket in JULY? Not me.

Anymore, that is.


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Anne said...

I'm a coverer when we are anywhere but our house. We recently had a woman escorted from a mall because she was nursing her son. A radio station held a nurse-in in the parking lot of the mall, and the story got a little media attention. Did it change people's feelings? Nope. I still get looks even if I'm covered up, and I have even had people say things such as "Shouldn't you go someplace more private to do THAT?" Sigh.