Tuesday, November 6, 2007

It is YOU?

Anju has started this thing the past week where she will pull off while nursing, look around, and then notice me. Her face is a mix of amusement, amazement and fascination. As if she only just realized I have been the Gal Behind the Boobs all this time.

In other news, there are articles abounding on the gene that links Breastfeeding to IQ - apparently, a specific gene can allow for better metabolism of fatty acids in the breastmilk.
The gene in question helps break down fatty acids from the diet, which have been linked with brain development. Seven points difference is enough to put the child in the top third of the class, the researchers said.

In the past people have had different results about whether breastfeeding improves IQ and this would sort out the reason why. Some 90% of people carry the version of the gene which was associated with better IQ scores in breastfed children.

I thought this was simply interesting. That is all. Of course, now it is allowing for snarky comments via the comments section of the article - comments such as "More scare tactics! Breastfeeding isn't for every woman and in fact some babies get on better with a bottle."

I am not breastfeeding in the hopes that I get granted a little Baby Einstein. I am breastfeeding to simply feed my baby. It is free, healthy and it is formulated just for her.

That is a no-brainer to me. Of course, I was formula-fed. Whatever.


caro said...

Maybe you'll think this is snarky, but I don't think that comment sounded snarky at all. As much as I love breastfeeding and what it has done for our family, I agree that it's not for everyone and I totally see how a study like this COULD be used to feed into general mass hysteria about IQ points lost or gained and used to pressure people about breastfeeding when it genuinely, for one reason or another, doesn't work for them.

Anne said...

I'm too sleep deprived to comment on the rest of the post-

I just wanted to let you know I love your blog, and that my little one (born in June) just recently started the pulling away thing too. She pulls off, smiles, coos a little bit, crinkles up her nose, and gets back to eating. A lot of times I end up a wet mess, since my girls just don't know how to handle this yet, but it is sooooo cute!

Manisha said...

You know it wasn't till I came to the US that I found out that women were allowed the choice, to breastfeed or not to breastfeed. I come from a culture where breastfeeding is the norm. The baby is brought to you and is latched onto your breast whether you want it or not. The exceptions were those who had medical issues or the child's rapid growth needed more than just breast milk or there were twins and so on.

This piece of news is not really new. I breastfed my daughter (who's 9 now) till she was 18 months because I had read a similar report and more importantly because the enzymes she was getting from my breast milk would help build her immune system. She was not getting any real nourishment from it. One day both of just forgot and it ended just like that. It did keep the alcohol at bay for me! And we share a very strong bond.

Is she smart? Yes. Is it because of the breast milk? I don't know. It could be her father's genes, too.