Thursday, November 8, 2007

Doesn't Miss a Meal

Today, we had Anjali's 4 month appointment - she weighs 15 lbs, 9 oz and is about 25.5 inches. All of that came from me and my girls. We did that!

However, I feel it should be clear that I am not proud that I breastfeed exclusively. I am relieved....... grateful.....appreciative. With my life situation as it is, breastfeeding is much more convenient and economic. Formula would be a hardship in many ways for us. So, I do consider it a sort of gift that my body stepped up to the plate and did what biology had figured out in its grand plan. Um, not only that, but that I have no other reasons not to breastfeed.

Today, at the doctor's office, I saw the receptionist who is due this Friday with her first baby. Folks, when you have your children a mere 20 months apart, you get to know the kindly sort of people at your doctor's office quite well. This receptionist has been a total sweetie to me these past 2 years, and in particular recently with paying special attention to Arun during some difficult appointments when I was pregnant with Anjali. I love this gal, J, and have been excitedly following her own pregnancy. A few weeks back, I dropped off a small gift because I was anxious that she might have the baby before Anjali's appointment this week.

So, on Wednesday all was fine with J - she is very tired and very ready for her son to just get here already. That day while in the office, I mentioned that our hospital has a breastfeeding support group and that I do attend it - if she wanted to attend it also, I will be there. She told me that she would only get to breastfeed for the first 2 days because she has multiple sclerosis. As it was, it is a miracle her baby is okay because she got pregnant while on the medication she normally takes for the MS. She will not be able to breastfeed because of that medication.

It was a moment that gave me pause because I do take breastfeeding for granted. And J just happened to remind me that it would not hurt me to be a little thankful.

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Dee said...

That's the thing that always gets me when I'm reading about the whole breastfeeding/formula debate. In the end, the baby isn't going to starve either way. Those of us who can breastfeed are very fortunate. It is definitely cheaper and in most cases more convenient. There are so many women out there that aren't able to breastfeed that we really should appreciate what we have. Thanks for bringing up such a fabulous point.