Sunday, September 16, 2007

AAP Approved Medicines for Nursing Mothers

I have had an upset stomach all day and for the first time in years, Pepto-Bismol appeared to be in order.

Or not.

According to Kelly Mom via the Selected List of Medications approved by the AAP for use in breastfeeding mothers, Pepto-Bismol is NOT approved for breastfeeding mothers. Crap. Of course, I bothered to look this up AFTER I had already taken 2 doses. Timed with the nursing sessions and the doses (which were spaced far apart), Anjali will be fine. However, this is an excellent reminder for all breastfeeding mothers to reconsider consuming even the most innocuous of medicines.

In other words, be not an idiot such as me. Cripes.


Dooneybug said...

I remember when I had my son and all I wanted to do was take a poop, and I couldn't. So I sent my poor husband out to get some Mylanta and not until he brought it home did I think to see if I could take it while breastfeeding. The answer was no and I never got around to returning that unused bottle.

Heather said...

Already love your blog and you had me hooked at "so basically, I primarily talk about breastfeeding here". too funny. We've had a horrible stomach bug in the house since Christmas, now running it's course through me and the hubby after the little ones had it last week. I feel like the worst mom now that I know what they were going through and we kept trying to make them eat! Anyway, we never get sick around here and since she's 16 months old and only nursing 2 times a day, I just never thought a little dose of pepto could hurt. Well, she's way constipated today and grumpy and I felt awful for her. Always check first! so true.