Friday, September 28, 2007

The Littlest Foodie of All

I have been neglectful of this space, but I thought I would just check in with this:

One memory that I will always treasure from my days of breastfeeding is that of a little hairy noggin totally scoping my breasts with his/her nose while snorting and snuffing until he/she gets latched on and that relief of my milk letting down. Then, oh then.....the little noises of contentment and soft noises of swallowing and sucking. Those sweet, lovely, precious noises. That is what I will treasure most from these breastfeeding days. Always.

I love that this early on, my babies can totally enjoy their food source and that it can also be a source of comfort without worrying for potential need for therapy or Weight Watchers in the future. My son was a total Foodie when it came to Mama's Milk and nursed to 15 months....but now? He is a perfectly independent toddler who loves his food on a plate and thinks a fork is fucking COOL, yo.

Do not ever let anyone act like your child can become too "attached" to your breast. Instead, cherish it for what is is.

Nature at its very brightest.

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Erin said...

My favorite things: the way that Emily would start to laugh and get all excited when she got near my breast to eat (Lucy will do it too, I'm sure, but just not yet), when their little hand gently holds on to your shirt or bra while they are eating (aaawwww!), the fact that I can look at my kids and think "My body made them! And FED them! Go me!", the satisfied look on Lucy's face when she's done eating. There are a bunch of other ones, but those are the top hitters for me.