Saturday, June 2, 2007

Round Up

Mothering Magazine Goes Digital
As subscriber to the print edition of Mothering Magazine, I was just given a special offer to receive the digital edition (6 issues/1 year) for all of $5. It seems wasteful to receive it online AND in hardcopy, so if you are interested in receiving the online edition, give me a holler at cagey333ATgmailDOTcom (per the email I received, the offer expires this Thursday, so don't dawdle!) Yep, the offer says I can pass the code to a friend, so whoever emails me first with interest is officially my friend.

Breastfeeding Mother Given Parking Ticket
This article details how a mother was given a parking ticket for parking in a restricted zone while breastfeeding her baby. The mother is quoted as saying
"As I'm breastfeeding and therefore my son is fed on demand, I need to stop right away. I feel with the government both locally and nationally trying to encourage mums to breastfeed that it was unfair of the man not to take that into account or even bother to ask me to move or give me a few minutes to feed my child."

There is some discrepancy in the story because the mother is also claiming a parking attendant said she could park there (although, that contradicts her actual quote, if you read carefully.) Okay, if that was truly the case the parking attendant said she could park there, then maybe she has a leg to stand on. But, she can't expect to park in a restricted zone just because her kid is hungry. That's crazy talk! Sure, it IS stressful when your child is hungry and you are driving. Listen, my parents live a good, solid 45 minutes away from me. Furthermore, I live in a large, spread-out metro area where I can easily be 30-45 minutes away running simple errands. So yes - I've done that routine of having to pull over and find a spot to nurse. It's not fun. But, I never expected to be given special permission to just park anywhere I wanted.

Malta Airport Opens Mothering Room
Hooray! An airport thinks ahead and opens a mothering room. Sure, I doubt I'll ever need a mothering room in MALTA, but maybe other airports will start to take notice. I don't mind hunkering down in a waiting area and nursing my kid - there are NO other choices so I'm not going to dwell on it. But, it would be nice to see a trend. I'm still more than a little horrified that the actress Amanda Peet had to pump in an airport bathroom. I personally make it a strict policy to touch as little as possible in an airport bathroom as it is, so my heart went out to her that she had to pump in one. Yikes.

Work sought for 'Art of Breastfeeding' open show
Do you know any budding artists in Oregon? This art show is looking for artists of all ages to creates pieces celebrating the art of breastfeeding. Very cool!

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